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Dry Storage


Bonded cargo arriving from overseas by ocean container to our bonded Container Freight Station (CFS) is transloaded into trailers which are trucked to destinations in Mexico or the interior of the U.S. We also transload from trailers coming from Mexico and or the interior of the U.S. for export overseas as well. Having 70,000 square feet, 20 truck loading docks and a large yard to accommondate truck and container parking, we are committed to provide any service requested.
We also capable of general warehouse storage and are licensed for food product storage as well.


Maruzen is certified as a "Bonded Carrier" by U.S. Customs and able to provide "Thru Service" for bonded cargo moving through the U.S. from a U.S. Port of Entry to Canada or Mexico under our own bond..



To expedite Customs clearance into Mexico, we can electronically transmit voluminous shipping data with computers thru VAN (Value Added Network) and the internet.


Why wait? Don't worry about your Inventory!!
Cost : Less Than Air & Transit : Faster than Rail

City Name States Country Mile Single Driver Team Driver
Chicago IL USA 2150 90h 48h
Detroit MI USA 2380 93h 54h
Seymour IN USA 2200 91h 50h
Marysville OH USA 2400 93h 55h
Cleveland OH USA 2410 93h 55h
Jacksonville FL USA 2460 94h 56h
Lexington KY USA 2200 90h 50h
El Paso TX USA 850 31h 20h
Laredo TX USA 1420 52h 32h

Our Service Points At Borders

  1. State California Otay Mesa and Calexico
  2. State Arizona Nogalez
  3. State Texas El Paso, Laredo, McAllen and Brownsville

Mr. Sam Takahashi, Carson Branch Manager
TEL:(310) 834-4950
FAX:(310) 834-8060


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